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Nearly nine billion pounds of clothing end up in our landfills each year in just the United States.

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We place recycling bins at convenient locations within the community.

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Our bin Partners are the reason we are able to provide convenience and simplicity in recycling.

No Landfills!

The only real solution is to prevent these items from continuing to be discarded as trash.

Keeping Landfills Clear

In JUST the United States, we throw away nearly
9,000,000,000 pounds of clothing each year!

partner-recycling-photo-frontpageIt’s amazing that NINE HUNDRED BILLION pounds of clothing is discarded and ends up in our landfills each year.  Once your trash is picked up by the garbage collectors, most of it is taken to the landfill where it is packed down and stored under the ground. We would like to think that most of that trash will decompose, however, there are so many items that will be buried in the landfills, forever. This creates a huge pile of garbage, which is very unhealthy for our planet. Ultimately causing pollution to our air, water and land. The only real solution to this rapidly growing problem is to prevent these items from continuing to be discarded as trash.

Although most of us do a great job of recycling items like cardboard, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. But, what about all the other stuff? However, recycling shoes and clothing cannot be done through city collection companies, as there is no place for them to pace these items on their trucks. If they throw these items in with the other recyclables they will get ruined, and then turn into garbage.  That is why we believe that creating an alternative and convenient means for people to recycle these items is so necessary.

On behalf of Partner Recycling, the environment, and future generations, we would like to personally thank you for joining our efforts to save the environment by recycling!

Partner Recycling Facts
Partner Recycling Services facilitates and implements collection of recycled clothing. By placing a strategically placed collection bin on your property, we monetize the collected textiles and show your customers how you are going green to save the environment.
Contact Partner Recycling Services and with a quick sign property authorization form we will place our collection bin on your property.
Partner Recycling Services provides signage, promotions and web presence and creates your Green Program. This shows your customers you care about the environment and are doing something about it! Collections boxes drives traffic to your location and is great for repeat business.
Where it does not go is in to the landfills! Partner Recycling Services supplies other companies whom shreds for material and uses all material for reuse i.e.: buttons, buckles, rubber, and helping in our own community that protects our environment.
Partner Recycling Services is available to answer all your questions. Please use our contact form and we will get back with you as soon as possible!