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About Partner Recycling, LLC
Our name comes from the philosophy that we are all partners in the care of the planet and its people. Partner Recycling is an organization committed to protecting the environment while also supporting our local communities. We partner with local non-profits, religious organizations, schools, community groups and many others to achieve the following objectives:

  • Partnering with organizations to create community, locally and globally.

  • Recycling of clothing, shoes, as well as small household textiles

  • Create a “green” business with social awareness

Benefits of Hosting a Collection Bin:

  • Hosting a collection bin shows customers you are involved in supporting the environment

  • It increases traffic near and around my business

  • By simply hosting a bin on my property my efforts contribute to far reaching efforts that help people locally and globally

  • Because the proceeds of recycled clothing and textiles will go to help people that really need it, instead of creating waste in a landfill

  • By hosting a bin you are setting a great example for our children, and members of the community. Show the children the importance of recycling and giving back.

Why Should I recycle with Partner Recycling?

  • We provide an attractive recycling bin to your property at no cost to you

  • We completely maintain and collect the bin regularly

  • We give businesses, and others hosting the bins, recognition in the community, and on our website

  • We partner with local schools, religious organizations, and charities. We feel that these organizations should benefit from their recycling efforts

  • We keep funding for local programs within the community

  • We ensure that recycling benefits people with the community along with people in need worldwide

We are committed to being a responsible partner in our business efforts. We feel that we are responsible for the far reaching effects of our business; we care about the environment, and what that means for future generations.